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Every automotive brand is unique. This not only applies to the unmistakable design of each vehicle, but also to the parts and components fitted within.

We know that when repairing, servicing and maintaining vehicles, the most important thing is not to use any old spare parts, but original parts.

While the vehicle manufacturer is one way to source spare parts, so too is Schäferbarthold:

We are the only real alternative to vehicle manufacturers.

The OE-FIT brand offers original-quality spare parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications yet also offer several advantages in terms of quality, scope of delivery, warranty, packaging and labelling similar to the OE – and an additional return of at least 35 percent.

Since we have partnered car dealers and authorised workshops for decades, we offer superior original-part quality with our OE-FIT+ brand.

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If you said “no”, then you’d be right. Whether cam belts, filters or disc pads – the spare parts supplied by the vehicle manufacturer and our OE-FIT+ brand are absolutely identical and meet the same high quality specifications.

Through OE-FIT+, we offer BER original spare parts as an alternative to the manufacturer. The expected quality and performance remain unchanged, plus there is a guaranteed additional return from which your business benefits.

We offer our highly profitable original parts for the following vehicle manufacturers:
BMW, Citroën, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Renault and Volkswagen.

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Your Bene-Fits

From bleed screws to spark plugs, our OE-FIT range has the right spare parts to hand. Our comprehensive portfolio is complemented by six benefits from which you and your business will noticeably profit.


While a quality promise is good, strictly adhering to the highest quality standards is better. That is why we base the quality of our spare parts on the strict specifications set out in the 2002 motor vehicle block exemption regulation. This procedure is our company’s ultimate guiding principle when it comes to your safety.

Scope of Delivery

So that a workshop’s day-to-day business can run smoothly, it is imperative that any spare parts that are ordered are delivered in the usual quality and in full. That is why our Product Management team ensures that you always receive the correct scope of delivery as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.


We offer a large proportion of our product range in packaging similar to that used by the OE. The familiar image in the warehouse is thus retained and our OE-FIT spare parts fit seamlessly into any parts already stored.


To ensure the greatest possible degree of accuracy and transparency, we affix goods labels to our packaging as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. As an additional service, we offer you the option of customising the goods label­ling according to your wishes and specifications.


Your safety is our primary concern. That is why we not only commit ourselves within the framework of statutory product liability, but also offer you a comprehensive guarantee on our spare parts. They are based on the applicable valid conditions set by the vehicle manufacturer and include labour costs as well as consequential damages.

Additional Rate of Return

Not only do we guarantee you quality, but an additional return on your investment based on your current factory price, too. For example, we take into account your dealer bonus and seasonal promotions offered by the vehicle manufacturer. As such, we ensure that you still benefit from an additional return on investment de­spite manufacturer discounts.


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Any questions regarding OE-FIT? Our team of experts is there to answer them! Feel free to get in touch with us for a one-on-one consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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